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REACH Service

Only Representative for non-EU manufacturer & Third Party Service for EU-manufacture/importer/downstream user

At this point, we would like to support you with our experience regarding the REACH regulation as a service provider.
In addition to the necessary communication with the responsible authorities, our offer also includes the preparation of technical dossiers and safety data sheets in accordance with the latest guidelines.
We also have experience as sole representative for Chinese companies.

Details to our offer:
- Inventory of your substances (on-site as needed)
- Check if your substances are subject to registration
- Recording the existing substance data
- Recording of data gaps
- Database research and evaluation
- Advice on the procedure for missing data
- Creation of substance datasets in IUCLID
- Preparation of technical dossiers and chemical safety report
- Creating risk assessments for the environment and human exposure
- Checking the safety data sheets and the exposure paths
- Communication between manufacturers and users
- Support for consortium building
- Training / Workshop
- Communication with authorities
- Only representative for Chinese companies (registration)


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